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"The Character, Practice, or Skill as a Sportsman" 

"Conduct, Fairness, Courtesy, and being a cheerful loser"

Should we be loud and vocal to any referees on a bad call?

- Take a deep breath and allow them to recognize if bad call

- The young referees learn as players learn and will get better

- We do not have enough referees and we are losing many due to this

Should we beat our opponent by double digit scores?  

- We can prevent this by either taking a player off the field

- Moving your goal scorers to defense - Having your goal scorer play GK

- This is not good for the team that is on the losing end 


All Players and Coaches should shake hands when game is over. 

Coaches are responsible for the experience of the player and we want them to continue to respect and enjoy this beautiful game.  

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