"D" License Pre-course Assignments

Prior to attending the course there are two(2) assignments you must complete. Please read the information below carefully. If you do not understand one of the assignements contact Rick Flores, doc@illinoisyouthsoccer.org or Jen Pfeiffer, adoc@illinoisyouthsoccer.org

1. Concussion Video

Candidates are required to view an online presentation and complete a series of questions on Concussion Awarenss. The assignments must be completed prior to the candidate receiving their final course results. Visit this link to complete the online assignments. Once completed, your certificate will be emailed to you. Print it out and bring it to the course.

2. Candidate Topics and Themes

Complete 3 lesson plans. Click the Candidates Topics and Themes file. Select one (1) Attacking topics, one (1) Defending Topics, one (1) Goalkeeper topic and create a lesson plan for each. You must follow the complete progression from Technical Warm-Up, Small Sided Game, Expanded Small Sided Game and Final Game. Turn in on first day of class. 

Lesson Plan Template

Along with your homework assignements you will need to bring your E course Evaluation sheet. You should have received this along with your license in the mail. Coaches who received their E-License more than 2 years ago will not have one, so you will not be required to bring it. 

-See more at http://www.ussoccer.com/coaching-education/licenses/national-d