How To Play In MRL

To be eligible for participation in MRL teams must:

  • Register with an IYSA affiliated competitive league (link to competitive league page).
  • Participate in the prior year’s IYSA State Cup and be enrolled in the upcoming IYSA State Cup.
  • Review this document for full details on How to Qualify for MRL.

APPLICATION PROCESS FOR SPRING 2016 MRL SEASON IS CLOSED.  Teams consisting of players born Jan. 1st 2003 or later can register for the IYSA MRL Qualifying Competition to be eligible to play in Fall 2016 MRL season.  More info on the MRL Qualifying Competition can be found here.

More MRL information, rules, and history can be found at  

Any questions regarding MRL can be directed to Jonathan Orlicz at or 847-290-1577 ext. 22.