U12 MRL Qualifying Competition

In order to play in the MRL, teams must qualify thru the Under-12 Qualifying Competition. Teams MUST participate in the U12 Illinois MRL Qualifying Competition in order to be eligible for the Fall U13 MRL and to be seeded in the upcoming U13 Illinois State Cup in the US Youth Soccer National Championship Series. If you do not play, you’re U13 team WILL NOT be eligible for U13 MRL.



The Illinois MRL Qualifying Competition is administered by the Illinois Youth Soccer Association (IYSA) in the U12 age group. The purpose of the Illinois MRL competition is to offer EACH U12 team that is registered with Illinois Youth Soccer an equal and fair opportunity to participate in U13 fall Midwest Regional League season.

From this competition teams will be selected to participate in the U13 MRL in Fall season. Teams MUST participate in the U12 Illinois MRL Qualifier in order to be eligible for Fall U13 MRL play.

Requirements For the MRL Qualifying Competition
Teams must meet the following requirements in to be eligible for the U12 MRL Qualifying Competition & subsequently the U13 MRL Season

  • Participate in an IYSA affiliated competitive league in FALL 2014 AND SPRING 2015 at U12 or above age division
  • Participate in the U13 Illinois State Cup in Spring 2016
  • All players and coaches must be registered with the IYSA
  • All players and coaches must have and use IYSA/US Youth Soccer passes
  • All coaches must hold at least a D license
  • A club may only enter the number of teams in the IL MRL Qualifying Competition that are registered with an IYSA Member League.  If a club has two (2) teams registered with an IYSA Member League, it may not enter more than two (2) teams in the IL MRL Qualifying Competition.  



  1.  Playing rules will be similar to the current MRL rules.  Any team that violates any of the rules may be disqualified from the competition.
  2. The number of teams entered in the IYSA MRL will dictate how the competitions will be organized. In the past these competitions have been in a round-robin format.
  3. Games will be played 11 v 11.  Game length will be 2x35 minutes.
  4. Maximum roster size is twenty-two (22) players for the entire event.  Only eighteen (18) rostered players are allowed to dress for any game.
  5. Each player can only be rostered and play with one team for the entire qualifying competition.

a.       A rostered player is not allowed to guest play on another team in the qualifying competition.

b.       Each team can supplement its roster with players from lower ages from within the team’s club provided that player has a US Youth Membership pass from an IYSA Member League (Proof of Membership/Team Roster is required). 

Registration Fees & Costs

1.       Each team shall pay to the IYSA, the Illinois MRL registration fee of $325 plus referee fees.  There will be no parking fee this year.


Questions: Contact Jonathan Orlicz at odp@illinoisyouthsoccer.org and 847-290-1577