U13 Illinois MRL Qualifying Division
Year-long competition to determine teams that will earn their spot in the U14 Midwest Regional League

Starting Fall 2016, Illinois Youth Soccer and its member competitive leagues will partner to launch the new Illinois MRL Qualifying Division, part of the State Premiership, for the 2004 BIRTH YEAR (U13). This competition will be used to determine the teams that will qualify for the Midwest Regional League (MRL) the following seasonal year 2017-2018 (U14) and the fall season results will be used for seeding purposes for the Spring 2017 U13 Illinois State Cup . THIS EVENT IS DESIGNED FOR THE MOST COMPETITIVE TEAMS IN THE STATE OF ILLINOIS.

Fall 2016 / Spring 2017 Details

Participating Teams

Common Questions

What is the purpose of the 2004 Illinois MRL Qualifying Division:
The ultimate purpose is for the top 2004 teams to earn a position in the Midwest Regional League for the Fall 2017 season at U14. 

In addition, the division will also:

  • Provide meaningful matches for teams in the 2004 age division and help teams prepare for MRL
  • Determine Spring 2017 State Cup seeding for 2004 (U13) age.
  • Earn teams GotSoccer points
  • Secure teams spots in State Premiership for Fall 2017 (2017-2018 season) at U14

How do I register for the 2004 MRL Qualifying Division?
The MRL Qualifying Division is open to any team registered with an Illinois Youth Soccer member competitive league. Again, this event is designed for the most competitive teams in the state of Illinois.

Registration for the MRL Qualifying Division will follow the same format as most Illinois Youth Soccer events:

  1. Teams MUST register with an Illinois Youth Soccer member competitive league and pay the required league registration fees.  When registering with the league for the Fall season, teams should register for the following division, depending on the member competitive league they register with:
    1. Central Illinois Youth Soccer League:  Contact league about registration
    2. Illinois Women’s Soccer League:  U-13 MRL Division
    3. Illowa: Contact league about registration
    4. SLYSA Illinois: Contact league about registration
    5. Young Sportsmen’s Soccer League: U-13 MRL
  2. Teams must also register for the event in GotSoccer. Team can register for the  MRL Qualifying Division here

Teams MUST compete in both the Fall and Spring season to be considered for the 2017-2018 MRL season.  Teams are also required to compete in State Cup or Presidents Cup to be eligible for MRL.

How many 2004 teams will get a MRL spots at Under-14 in Fall 2017?
Illinois is guaranteed at least 8 spots per age group for MRL. 

Illinois has historically secured more than 8 MRL spots. Any additional spots will be filled from the Illinois MRL Qualifying Division.

Can I still get in to MRL at Under-14 next year if my team doesn’t play?
No! Only the teams that compete in the Illinois MRL Qualifying Division will be invited into MRL.

What are the fees?
Teams are required to pay the following to participate in the MRL Qualifying Division:

  1. Member Illinois Youth Soccer competitive league registration fee
  2. $400 MRL Qualifying Competition fee, paid to Illinois Youth Soccer
  3. $80 per game referee fee. Illinois Youth Soccer will provide the entire 3-person crew.

What is the schedule?
The number of teams that register will determine the final schedule. Teams should expect to play 7-10 games in both the Fall and Spring season for a total of 14-18 games for the year.

Games will be self-schedule and home team host.

As travel is a major component of MRL play, teams are expected to travel to the team listed as the home team for each match including long distances i.e Chicagoland to the southern portion of the state.

Teams that fail to compete all of their Illinois MRL Qualifying Division games may be removed from the division and not considered for MRL.

Once groups and schedules are finalized, teams are encouraged to work amongst themselves to coordinate weekends in which multiple games could be hosted at one location, similar to an MRL weekend.

What are the roster limits?
Teams are allowed to use any age eligible player (Players born in 2004 and  younger) from within their club as long as they have a player pass from a member Illinois Youth Soccer competitive league.  No more than 25 players can be used per season.

Players are only allowed to compete on one team per season in the MRL Qualifying competition. If a club has multiple teams in the division, a player can only play for one team during each season, Fall and Spring.

 If a player changes clubs during the season, they may not be added to another MRL Qualifying Division roster during the season.

Example:  During the Fall season, Susie leaves Club A and joins Club B. Susie cannot play in any MRL Qualifying Division games with Club B until the Spring season.

What are the deadline and important dates?

  • Thursday, July 7: Registration Deadline
  • Monday, July 25:  Groups/Schedule Announced
  • Monday, August 1: $400 Registration fees due to Illinois Youth Soccer. Clubs that have not submitted payment by this date may be removed from the division
  • Monday, August  15: All schedules due

Questions: Chris at 847-290-1577 chrisj@illinoisyouthsoccer.org or Bill at bill@illinoisyouthsoccer.org