ODP Puma Cup Details
March 31st - April 2nd in Rockford, IL

*Plan to meet your coach and team 45 minutes before kickoff at the assigned field

UNIFORMS:  Players should bring both your white and black ODP training shirts (GKs green/purple). In addition you must also bring primarily black shorts and socks for the games.  If your team is designated as a "White" team you should plan to play in your white ODP training shirt.  If your team is designated as a "Black" team you should plan to play in your black ODP training shirt.  If your team does not have a color designation on the schedule plan to play in your white ODP training shirt.  All player must have BOTH ODP SHIRTS WITH THEM IN CASE WE NEED TO SWITCH COLORS.

COMMUNICATION/TEAM APP: We will be using Team App as the primary communication tool while we are in Rockford.  ALL PLAYERS AND PARENTS SHOULD DOWNLOAD THE APP AND JOIN THE PUMA CUP ACCESS GROUP.  Instructions for Team App:

  1. Download team app here http://teamapp.com/app or on your phone’s mobile app store
  2. Create an account
  3. You will get an email to verify your account
  4. Open Team App on your phone and search for "Illinois Youth Soccer" and join that "team"
  5. In the Illinois Youth Soccer dashboard select "Settings" on the top right corner of your phone screen
  6. Select "Access Groups"
  7. Request access to the "2017 Puma Cup ODP Teams" access group

We are looking forward to seeing everyone in Rockford!

Illinois ODP Parent Presentation
Click on the links below for the presentation slides
US Soccer System of Play

All players should familiarize themselves with the US Soccer position numbering system as well as the player profiles/roles for EVERY postition number.


2016/17 ODP Winter Training
Sessions Kicking Off Soon!

Here are a few things to keep in mind as you prepare for your first ODP session:

  • Any players training at the NORTHBROOK location must also turn in an Athletico Center Facility Waiver[link]
  • NORTHBROOK facility is the Athletico Center located at 1900 Old Willow Road, Northbrook, IL 60062
  • SCHAUMBURG facility is the Schaumburg Park District Sport Center located at 1141 IL-19, Schaumburg, IL 60193
  • Plan to arrive 45 MINUTES BEFORE the posted session start time
  • ALL PLAYERS must submit a completed and signed paper copy of the IYSA Medical Release Form at check-in or they WILL NOT BE ALLOWED TO PARTICIPATE.
  • Players must bring the following
    • Soccer ball with name on it (size 4 for '05-'07)
    • Water bottle with name on it
    • Soccer shoes (molded outdoor cleats, turfs, and flats are allowed) NO METAL SCREW-INS.
    • IYSA Medical Release Form
  • Players are responsible for checking themselves in (NOT PARENTS)
  • The process for players at check-in is as follows
    1. Tell us their first and last name
    2. Give us the completed paper copy of the IYSA Medical Release Form
    3. Player will receive their numbered ODP training shirts for the year
    4. Player should check to confirm both numbers are the same
    5. Player will step to the side and have a player ID photo taken holding the back of their shirt up so that their face and shirt number are visible.
    6. Check in is complete! Player will be asked put on one ODP training shirt and to put the other in their bag so that it is readily available if asked to switch shirts during the session
  • There will be a PARENT MEETING 15 minutes after the start of the session
2016/17 IL ODP Winter Training Registration Closed

Limited space still open in some age groups.  Contact odp@illinoisyouthsoccer.org if interested.



US Soccer Committed to Olympic Development Program

 US Soccer CEO/Secretary General expresses the Federation's continued committment to scout the USYS ODP system.

Immunization Recommendations

Illinois Youth Soccer Association encourages all families to follow the Center for Disease Control’s and Illinois Department of Public Health’s Immunization Requirements.

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2015 ODP Regional Pool Players
Sam McLachlan
Matthew Napolitano
Jacqueline Batliner
Emily Bollman • Alyssa Frazier
Paige Renkosik
Alex Kirkby • Trevor Veenstra
Kerry Abello • Sarah Avery
Madison Barrick • Amanda Czerniak
Sarah Griffith • Nicki Hernandez
Maggie Hillman
Skye Kingsley • Maya Lambert
Madeline Olson • Emma Thomsom
Thomas Linquist
Arturo Marquez Jr • Fabian Medina
Gavin Morse • Enrico Ruffolo
Alyssa Bombacino
Isabella Cook • Jamie Goralski
Kendra Pasquale
Zoe Welsh • Luke Agnew
Justin Biela • Julian Issar
Joshua Johansen
Noah Madrigal
Ezau Milan • Aidan Pape
Anthony Tambellini
Isaiah Whitaker • Nikki Anderson
Jessica Felix • Malori Killoren
Julia Loeger • Paige Miller
Natalie Massa • Bridget Mitchell
Katie Montgomery
Aryana Purifoy
Madeline Schlecht
Kalyssa Van Zanten
Efrem Berhane
Kacper Chrapczynski
Gandhi Cruz • Jack Finnegan
William Franzen
Daniel Hesselbein
Ethan Kakavetsis • Aiden Lew
Julio Pereznegron
Paige Copeland 
Lauren Doerr
Lara Dulaca • Kate Flynn
Rebecca Hauenstein
Reegan Kingpavong
Jalyn Mosley • Katelyn Nardulli
Caitlin Noe • Ella Richards
Jordan Rose • Tara Tesmond