2018 Memphis ODP Interregional Showcase - CANCELLED
Memphis, TN - February 17-19, 2018

It is with regret that we inform you that the event has been cancelled this weekend.

We have been in constant communication with the Mike Rose Soccer Complex and we felt that the current field conditions, the forecast for the rest of the week and weekend, and the safety of the players and referees would not allow for us to get the games in. We also took into account the travel that families would have to make and then the time and financial commitment that goes into an event like this. All those things put together led us to the common ground of thinking of the players and families first and foremost in this situation. We would rather get the games in, but the reality of that happening was becoming less and less.

With that said there are a few loose ends that need to be tied up for everyone:

- Please be sure to contact your hotel to cancel ASAP . If you booked your room through the blocks that were set up, I have been assured that due to the event being cancelled because of weather, everyone should receive full refunds or not be charged at all. please be sure to contact the specific hotel.

- If you pre-ordered any tournament gear, please contact Simax Sports at service@simaxsports.com for details.

- The event fee refunds will be processed by no later than the end of the month 

Rockford ODP Hotel Block Links
Special rates have been reserved for the ODP training weekends
ODP Parent Presentations

If you were not able to attend or would like to review the the parent presentation for ODP below are the PowerPoints for each program.

ODP Presentation

Pre-ODP Presentation

If you have any questions, contact the ODP office at 847-290-1577 or odp@illinoisyouthsoccer.org

2017/18 ODP Winter Training TEAM APP
Follow instructions below to download TEAM APP and sign up for ODP updates on your phone!

  1. Download team app here http://teamapp.com/app or on your phone’s mobile app store
  2. Create an account
  3. You will get an email to verify your account
  4. Once you have your account verified search for "Illinois Youth Soccer"
  5. Request access to the "Winter 2017 ODP" access group
Illinois ODP Parent Presentation
Click on the links below for the presentation slides
US Soccer System of Play

All players should familiarize themselves with the US Soccer position numbering system as well as the player profiles/roles for EVERY postition number.


US Soccer Committed to Olympic Development Program

 US Soccer CEO/Secretary General expresses the Federation's continued committment to scout the USYS ODP system.

Immunization Recommendations

Illinois Youth Soccer Association encourages all families to follow the Center for Disease Control’s and Illinois Department of Public Health’s Immunization Requirements.

Click here to view

2015 ODP Regional Pool Players
Sam McLachlan
Matthew Napolitano
Jacqueline Batliner
Emily Bollman • Alyssa Frazier
Paige Renkosik
Alex Kirkby • Trevor Veenstra
Kerry Abello • Sarah Avery
Madison Barrick • Amanda Czerniak
Sarah Griffith • Nicki Hernandez
Maggie Hillman
Skye Kingsley • Maya Lambert
Madeline Olson • Emma Thomsom
Thomas Linquist
Arturo Marquez Jr • Fabian Medina
Gavin Morse • Enrico Ruffolo
Alyssa Bombacino
Isabella Cook • Jamie Goralski
Kendra Pasquale
Zoe Welsh • Luke Agnew
Justin Biela • Julian Issar
Joshua Johansen
Noah Madrigal
Ezau Milan • Aidan Pape
Anthony Tambellini
Isaiah Whitaker • Nikki Anderson
Jessica Felix • Malori Killoren
Julia Loeger • Paige Miller
Natalie Massa • Bridget Mitchell
Katie Montgomery
Aryana Purifoy
Madeline Schlecht
Kalyssa Van Zanten
Efrem Berhane
Kacper Chrapczynski
Gandhi Cruz • Jack Finnegan
William Franzen
Daniel Hesselbein
Ethan Kakavetsis • Aiden Lew
Julio Pereznegron
Paige Copeland 
Lauren Doerr
Lara Dulaca • Kate Flynn
Rebecca Hauenstein
Reegan Kingpavong
Jalyn Mosley • Katelyn Nardulli
Caitlin Noe • Ella Richards
Jordan Rose • Tara Tesmond