State Premiership Division
The Illinois Youth Soccer State Premiership Division (SPD) is a state-run competitive division for premier teams registered with Illinois Youth Soccer member competitive leagues (IYSA Member League). This exclusive competition was designed to reduce costs and travel expenses for elite teams and allow the best teams in Illinois an opportunity to compete against the other top teams in the state while meeting the requirements for State Cup and Midwest Regional League (MRL).
 Additional benefits for teams that participate include:
  • Self scheduling
  • Games can count toward State Cup/MRL
  • Top referees
  • Club pass system
  • Marketing & advertising benefits
Who Is Eligible: Each team MUST BE registered with an IYSA Member Competitive League: Central Illinois Youth Soccer League (CIYSL),Chicagoland Youth Soccer LeagueIllinois Women’s Soccer League(IWSL), ILLOWASouthern Illinois Soccer League (SISL), Young Sportsmen’s Soccer League(YSSL)  for the upcoming season and show proof thereof before submitting its application to the SPD.
Registration: Each Team that wants to play in the SPD must advise the IYSA Member League at the time registering with the League, that it is applying to participate in the SPD. After registering with an IYSA Member League, the team must complete and submit the State Premiership Division Application and a resume establishing that it is a top team in the State of Illinois and qualified to participate in the SPD. Teams are accepted to the Premiership based on the information provided in the resume.
QUESTIONS: Contact Bill Bruno at bill@illinoisyouthsoccer.org or Chris at chrisj@illinoisyouthsoccer.org or 847-290-1577