State Premiership Central Southern Division Details

Illinois Youth Soccer started the State Premiership Division in Spring 2013 with support from our competitive member leagues. This exclusive competition was designed to give elite teams that are registered with Illinois Youth Soccer competitive member leagues an opportunity to compete against the other top teams in the state. In Spring 2014, a Central/Southern Premiership Division was launched for teams that are registered with Central Illinois Youth Soccer Leage (CIYSL), Southern Illinois Soccer League (SISL) or Illowa



SPRING 2018 Applications Are Now Being Accepted
Registration process:

  1. Complete your Illinois Youth Soccer competitive league registration and pay all fees for Spring.
  2. After your league registration is completed, complete the State Premiership Central/Southern Division application in full by February 8
  3. Accepted teams will be notified no later than February 19
  4. Teams NOT accepted will play in the Illinois Youth Soccer competitive league they registered with.

The Spring State Premiership Central / South Division will be played in the following age groups:

  • 2006 Girls (12U) 9v9
  • 2006 Boys (12U) 9v9
  • 2004 Girls (14U)
  • 2004 Boys (14U)
  • 2003 Girls (15U)
  • 2002 Boys (16U)
  • 1999 Boyss (19U)

Should application numbers require, we will expand to every U-age group for season

Teams will play at least 6-9 State Premiership Division matches. Premiership matches will be considered your league play and will meet the team's requirement to compete in events such as State Cup, Presidents Cup, MRL, etc.

Illinois Youth Soccer will produce a schedule for all teams, designating who is the home team for each match. The Spring Premiership schedules will be released no later than March 6.

State Premiership games are self-scheduled amongst teams. Once the schedule is released:

  • Teams contact each other and mutually agree on date and time. Game should be played at the field of the team deginated as HOME on the schedule.
  • All teams must finalize their State Premiership Schedules by April 1.
  • No later than April 1, teams should email the following details for all of their HOME matches to
    • Date
    • Time
    • Specific location including address and field number

Although game details are due by April 1, teams are allowed unlimited game changes.  To get a game changed after the August 15 schedule deadline teams must do the following no later than 72-hrs prior to the originally scheduled match:

  • Email a new agreed upon date, time and location. NO GAME CHANGES WILL BE ALLOWED WITHOUT THIS INFORMATION. Games cancelled by teams without email this information may result in a forfeit.

State Premiership Central/Southern Division champions will earn a seed in the Presidents Cup for the following season.

Should team chose to participate in State Cup, they would be included in the double-blind draw for that event

The Illinois Youth Soccer assignor handles all assigning for Premiership matches. ALL TEAMS ARE REQUIRED TO PAY $80 ($60 for 12U)  IN CASH AT THE FIELD TO THE CENTER PRIOR TO EACH PREMIERSHIP MATCH.