Blind Development Program

Blind Development Program


What Is Blind Soccer?
Blind soccer is a partnership between Illinois Youth Soccer and the Chicago Park District to offer blind soccer programming for the youth of the blind community.Blind soccer is a 5v5 format with a field that includes walls on the sidelines and each player, except for the goalkeeper, must wear eye guards to eliminate any visibility among field players.  Goalkeeper may be sighted players.

Eligible Athletes
Blind soccer is for any player with any level of vision loss or impairment

Upcoming Events
Coaching clinics will be held in early Spring 2021 to assess player placement for an in-house league.
Dates: TBD
Location:  McKinley Park  2210 West Pershing Road, Chicago, IL 60609
Head Coach: Sheena Hager

For More Information
Contact Shawn Danhouser at or 630-935-7263 

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