MRL - New Three Tier Structure
Realignment of teams to enhance competitive matches


The MIDWEST REGIONAL LEAGUE (MRL) provides the highest standard of competitive play for youth teams in US Youth Soccer Region II (the Midwest Region) and assures the continued growth and development of elite level players.

Very simply we are here for the BEST TEAMS…BEST PLAYERS…BEST COMPETITION.

The MRL, with more than 850 teams in 2012-2013, serves as the premier league competition for teams in the Boys and Girls Under-13 through Under-18 age groups in US Youth Soccer’s Region II, and is part of US Youth Soccer’s vertically integrated league competitions (State Association Leagues to Regional Leagues to National League).



The MRL has refined its structure in adding a level of competition between the existing Premier Division and the many First Divisions in each age group.  For the 2013 Fall Season and the 2014 Spring Season, the MRL will operate a three-tier structure of Premier I Divisions, Premier II Divisions, and First Divisions.  This is not an expansion but a realignment of teams below the existing Premier Divisions (from now on referred to as Premier I Divisions) in order to enhance competitive matches.

US Youth Soccer MRL Release May 16, 2013



Teams from the following Illinois clubs participated in MRL in the 2012/13 season:

·         Academy United SC

·         Bolingbrook Raiders

·         Campton United

·         CFJ West

·         Chicago Fire YSC

·         Chicago Inter

·         Cicero Mayas

·         Eclipse Elite

·         Elite SC

·         FC-1

·         FC Barrington

·         FC United Select

·         FCX

·         Galaxy SC

·         Heat United

·         Kickers United

·         Libertyville FC 1974

·         LTSC

·         Midwest United

·         NSA

·         Oak Brook SC

·         Raiders FC

·         Roadrunners Select

·         Rockford Raptors

·         Strikers FV Premier

·         TCSA

·         Team Chicago

·         Team Evanston


Teams from just a few of the following Region II clubs participated in MRL in the 2012/13 season:

·         Iowa Rush

·         JUSC Premier

·         VSA Premier

·         Carmel United

·         Dynamo FC

·         FC Pride

·         Fort Wayne Fever

·         Indiana Invaders

·         Jr. Irish Premier

·         Westside United

·         ZYSA Select

·         FC Porto

·         Kansas Rush

·         KC Fusion Academy

·         KC Legends

·         Sporting BV

·         Javanon

·         KFJ Premier

·         Lexington FC

·         GRCJ Gold

·         Alliance

·         Force FC

·         Michigan Hawks

·         Michigan Jaguars

·         Michigan Wolves

·         TNT Dynamite

·         Vardar

·         WAZA FC

·         Dakota Rev

·         MN Thunder Academy

·         St. Croix Academy

·         Futura Academy

·         JB Marine

·         Lou Fusz

·         SLSG Premier

·         LSC EGA Maroon

·         Omaha FC Elite

·         Ambassadors FC

·         Cleveland FC

·         Cleveland United

·         Excalibur SC

·         Greater Toledo FC

·         Internationals

·         Ohio Premier

·         Pacesetter Premier

·         Pennine United

·         Blast FC

·         Classics Eagles

·         Crew Jrs

·         KHA

·         Tennessee Premier

·         FC Milwaukee

·         Madison 56ers

·         Rush Wisconsin

·         SC Waukesha

·         Sockers FC Wisconsin