Young Sportsmen's Soccer League Add Divisions For South & West Suburbs
Fire, Raiders FC, Oak Brook SC, Southwest SC, Naperville Eagles, Raptors Commit Teams Starting At U8 Beginning Fall '14

The Young Sportsmen’s Soccer League (YSSL) has announced the creation of a new division within their league that will serve the southern and western suburbs of Chicago.  Because of this and other league policy changes being implemented, the YSSL has already received commitments from the following clubs to bring teams starting at Under-8 to the Illinois Youth Soccer member league for the Fall 2014 season.

  • Chicago Fire
  • Chicago Fire Jrs West
  • Chicago Fire Jrs City
  • Chicago Fire Jrs South
  • Chicago Inter Homer Glen / Southwest SC
  • Naperville Eagles
  • Oak Brook SC
  • Raiders FC
  • Rockford Raptors FC

Many of these clubs already have their Under- 13 and older teams registered with an Illinois Youth Soccer member league but were looking for an opportunity for their younger age group teams starting with the Under-8 age division.

With the support of these clubs, almost 100 new teams from the southern and western suburbs will be registered with the YSSL this fall, allowing the league the ability to geographically schedule games for teams.  Eliminating long distance travel for younger age divisions.

“The YSSL anticipates a fulfilling and successful soccer year ahead,” Bob Berkley, YSSL Presidents said.  “The quality of the clubs, and their leadership, that have committed to develop a YSSL South and West division will surely draw attention from other clubs in that area.  With a focus on the geographical needs and an expansion for the competitive interests of these clubs, the YSSL looks forward to serving our new members.”

 “The Chicago Fire Soccer Club is committed to growing and enhancing the game of soccer within the state of Illinois and a key component to this is the continued support of all platforms under the Illinois Youth Soccer affiliation,” said Paul Cadwell of the Chicago Fire. “The new YSSL South Division allows a place for our affiliate clubs to participate against appropriate opposition while expanding the presence of our club and Illinois Youth Soccer into the southern suburbs. We fully support the expansion of the YSSL into the southern and western regions of Chicago.”

By registering with the YSSL, all teams are now members of Illinois Youth Soccer and US Youth Soccer. With this membership they are eligible for exclusive Illinois Youth Soccer and US Youth Soccer member events including:

  • Chipotle State Cup & the US Youth Soccer National Championship Series
  • Sports Authority Presidents Cup & the US Youth Soccer Presidents Cup
  • Midwest Regional League (MRL)
  • Wintrust Illinois Cup (U8-U11 statewide tournament)
  • State Premiership Division
  • US Youth Soccer National League

“This expansion shows that our member leagues are working with the Club Directors of Coaching to provide the structured playing environment that the clubs want,” said Gus Bender, Illinois Youth Soccer President. 

Registration for the Fall season is open until July 1. Interested teams can register  at www.yssl.org or call 847-818-1440.

ABOUT YSSL: The Young Sportsmen’s Soccer League is a not-for-profit organization incorporated in Illinois since 1968 and is affiliated with Illinois Youth Soccer.  The YSSL is run by its’ Officers and Board Members who are elected through the member clubs.  The league’s members and club Directors Of Coaching are guaranteed a voice in the direction and the structure of the YSSL.  The YSSL provides a competitive schedule of games for boys’ teams U8 through U19.  Teams are assigned to divisions by age and their level of competitive ability.  At the end of each season, division standings are evaluated and teams are assigned for the next season.  Teams move up and down the levels of competition based upon their earned point,