ODP Coaching Staff

Illinois Youth Soccer’s coaching staff is made up of the state’s finest and experienced coaches. Every coach on staff holds at LEAST a "C" US Soccer Federation National License, many hold an "A" licenses. There are also many college coaches on staff.


ODP Director  Marek Radziszewski marekr@illinoisyouthsoccer.org (847)290-1577 
ODP Admin Rico


(847) 774-1958


2021-22 ODP Staff - Please note some positions are subject to change due to sign up numbers and conflicts
Girls Boys
Teams  Teams
04/05G 04/05B
Paul Webster Head Coach Eric Luzzi Head Coach
06G  06B
Chris Brown Head Coach Mostafa Edders Head Coach
07G 07B
Emina Zvizdich  Head Coach Jamie Martin Head Coach
08G Older  08B Older 
Joe Taylor  Head Coach Dean Smith Head Coach
08G Younger  08B Younger 
Marek Radziszewski Head Coach Matthew Hodgson Head Coach
09G Older 09B Older
Emily Snyder Head Coach Michael Chwistek Head Coach
08G Younger  09B Younger 
Kevin Talbot Head Coach Julio Serrano Head Coach
10G Older 10B Older 
Milan Culafic Head Coach Paddy Hoepp Head Coach
10G Younger/2011 10B Younger/2011
 Maninder Gill Head Coach Adam Howarth Head Coach
Adam Howarth Head Coach