Scheduling & Game Instructions

State Premiership teams schedule their game amongst themselves.

Once date, time and location are finalized. The HOME/HOST TEAM should email each of the following people with that information, NO LATER THAN 72 HOURS PRIOR TO THE GAME

  1. Steve Siomos, SPD Referee Assignor
  2. Bill Bruno, SPD Director:  
  3. Chris Jamrozy, SPD Administrator:  

NOTE: Steve Siomos will assign the referees for the match. Host team DOES NOT get referees

Team must bring the following to ALL State Premiership Game

  1. $75 in cash for referee fees
  2. Player and coaching passes for all players and coaches
  3. Gamecard printed off GotSoccer: Here’s how you print your game card off GotSoccer:
    1. Log into your GotSoccer account
    2. Select State Premiership Division
    3. Select "Schedule"
    4. For the game you want to download the game card for, on the far left of the match listing you will see a GRAY BOX with the PDF SYMBOL and a GAME #. Just click on the game #, download (you need PDF reader) and print that file.

Winning team (or home team if game ends in tie) collects gamecards from center referee and reports score to IYSA either by