TOPS-In-A-Box Video Series

Interested in starting a TOPSoccer program but not sure where to start?  The TOPS-In-A-Box video series is intended to answer many of the frequently asked questions people have.  The good news is that it is a lot easier and less expensive to start than you might think. Watch the videos to learn more.

  • Introduction:  Learn more about what TOPSoccer is, why there is a need for TOPSoccer and how it works.
  • Business Needs: You have a few options in how to start a new program.  Do you partner with an existing TOPSoccer program, utlize the resources of a local soccer club, or go it alone.  We present the options so you can make the right choice for your needs.
  • Funding: Any program will have expenses that need to be covered to offer programming. There are several ways to bring cash flow to a program without having the participant's families bearing the entire financial burden.
  • Recruitment: You will need to recruit players and buddies to run a program.  This video will share some of the best practices on how to reach these audiences.
  • Formatting Sessions: Do you focus on skills, games or a bit of both.  This video shows so some of the most popular formats used by many successful TOPSoccer programs.
  • Session Needs: Where do you play? What equipment do you need? This video discusses those topics.
  • Risk Management: How do you protect yourself, your program and your participants? This video covers the coaching education available specifically for TOPSoccer, Insurance options, liability waivers and equipment choices to help make the program as safe as possible for everyone involved.
  • Networking & Resources: You will not be alone when you start.  The TOPSoccer coaching community is very strong and supportive.  this video discusses how to connect to the TOPSoccer world around you and how specifically is there to help guide you along the way.

 We recognize that these videos may not cover every question you might have.  Once you have reviewed the videos, please reach out to your IYSA state chairperson for TOPSoccer, Shawn Danhouser at or 630-935-7263,  He wants to help.