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Coaching Education Update - Illinois Youth Soccer and US Soccer Grassroots courses

All Courses will take place - Blended Learning Format

Coaching Education Update - Illinois Youth Soccer and US Soccer Grassroots courses

Grassroots Courses 

All Grassroots license courses can be found in the US Soccer Learning Center.  

US Soccer Learning Center

We encourage all Coaches who have not done so already to create a profile in the US Soccer Learning Center.  Any new coaches will need to go through this platform to register for US Soccer coaching education courses.  We encourage all coaches to do this!

Coaches should do the following

1. Create a coaching profile in the US Soccer Learning Center (FREE - )

2. Complete the US Soccer Introduction to Grassroots Coaching Module (20mins- FREE)

Please reach out to with questions and assistance in putting up current coaching licenses. 

Synchronous learning involves students interacting with a teacher in real time, while asynchronous learning involves students working outside of a classroom setting and at their own pace


Blended Learning encompasses a mixture of online and face to face working methods and learning activities where the students actively work with learning content, individually and in collaboration with each other and with the Instructor.

Blended Learning tends to outperform classroom learning by relatively large magnitudes, probably because the E- learning used in Blended Learning often uses more effective learning methods. Blended Learning is not just about efficency, but also about learning more effectively.

Grassroots courses:  2 Hours Virtual - Synchronous and 2 Hours In Person.

For those coaches who wish to coach in the upcoming seasons they should adhere by the Grassroots Pathway for coaching course requirements - with courses now in a Blended Format all coaches should attend an upcoming Blended Learning Course.  2 Hours Virtual- Synchrnous and 2 Hours Field - In Person.


Asynchronous and Synchronous learning finalized with an In Person meeting (1 day) over anywhere between 12-24 weeks. Average student - coach  engagement is 3-5 Hours per week includes study modules and Instructor led interactions.  No more than 2 synchronous Coach Educator led interactions in 1 week (60-120 minutes)

D License - Blended Learning Format - All information now posted

Look for Winter 2023 D Licenses coming soon - Fall D License is currently in session!

National C Licenses Hosted by Illinois Youth Soccer 2023

We will offer NEW C Licenses in 2023.

As a state association through US Soccer we are able to host National Licensing Courses.

All Coach Educators are assigned by US Soccer.

Adam Howarth

Director of Coaching -

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