Illinois ODP

For Under-13 thru Under-17 Players

Open Winter Trainings

Any soccer player is eligible to participate in the ODP process provided he or she is age eligible for the specific calendar year age group.


Each age group will have fourteen (14) hours of training over seven (7) days. These winter trainings will be used not only for technical training but also evaluation and identification.

Trainings sessions are conducted by Illinois ODP staff coaches who are recognized for their ability to identify and train players with superior skills. They include club, high school, and college coaches certified thru the US Soccer Federation and other international soccer agencies. The coaching staff and selection process is overseen by the Illinois Youth Soccer Directors of Coaching Marek Radziszewski and Adam Howarth.

Players are evaluated and selected on the four pillars of the game:

  • Technical Skills (Passing, Receiving, etc.)
  • Tactical Ability (Decision Making)
  • Physical and Athletic Ability
  • Leadership, Communication, Attitude & Willingness to Learn

It during the Trainings Sessions that players learn what it takes to become an ODP player and to compete against other quality players under the guidance of the ODP staff and renowned GUEST coaches.

Interstate Competitions
The Illinois ODP coaches will select players from the Winter ODP trainings to participate in a tournament or interstate game.  Not every player will be invited.  There is an additional fee for each event.  Each player is required to arrange his/her own accommodations and transportation.

Illinois State Select
The Illinois ODP staff will identify the Illinois State Select Team Players for participation in an additional elite competition representing Illinois. There is an additional fee for this event

US Youth Soccer Midwest Region Elite ID Camp
Illinois ODP coaches will select outstanding players to participate at the Midwest Region Elite ID Camp in July.  The Region will determine the fees and accommodations.